Strapline - 'Quality fostering and residential care'

Croham Services for Children - quality fostering and residential care

What is fostering?

At its simplest, fostering is taking care of someone else's child for a period of time while s/he is unable to live with her/his own family.

The time a child needs foster care will vary depending on circumstances and can be from a few days or weeks to many years.

Whatever the timescales, foster care is about providing that child with a safe, stable family environment for as long as they need it.

Fostering needn't be an 'all or nothing' commitment. There are different types of fostering that you can specialise in. You'll probably find that the qualities you've got will make you naturally more suited to one type than another eg:

  • Emergency care (including taking children in during the night or at weekends)
  • Short-breaks (usually with the same child for a weekend or a few nights a month to help support the child remaining within their own home over time)
  • Short-term (usually of agreed duration for a particular purpose)
  • Long-term (sometimes until a child becomes an adult and possibly beyond)
Foster carers need to understand that for many children the timescales for their stay with the carer will be unknown for some time or may change.