Strapline - 'Quality fostering and residential care'

Croham Services for Children - quality fostering and residential care

How the sessions work

Meeting the family

Before the first booked session, parents may attend the Centre so that we can:

  • confirm they are aware of the arrangements
  • ensure they are shown around and familiarised with the facilities and emergency procedures
  • complete with them an Undertaking (SfC-CC7)
  • explain that any breach of that undertaking will result in the session being terminated immediately.

Meeting the child

Arrangements will be made for the child to arrive at each session at least ten minutes before her/his parents. The contact supervisor will greet the child and carer and:

  • ensure that the child is aware of who will be attending the session and its purpose
  • confirm arrangements for the collection of the child
  • confirm the emergency contact details for the carer
  • ensure that the carer does not leave the building until the parents have arrived.

In addition to the above which apply to every visit, at the beginning of the child's first visit, the supervisor will show the child around, ensuring that s/he learns where the bathroom and emergency exits are.


Supervised contact sessions are charged by the hour with a 10% discount for children placed with SfC foster carers. A discount of 10% is also available for block bookings of five sessions or more subject to a maximum discount of 15% where both of the above conditions are met.

Charges include routine report writing after every session. Supported contact sessions are also charged by the hour and the above discounts also apply. Reports will not routinely be prepared for 'supported contact' sessions but can be prepared for a separate charge.

We can also provide escorts and transport to and from the centre for children. These are charged on a case by case basis.