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Statement of purpose


The Fostering Services Regulations 2011 require all fostering service providers to provide a written 'statement of purpose' setting out the aims and objectives of the service and the services and facilities provided.

A copy of this document:

  • Has been made available to the Chief Inspector (Ofsted)
  • Is accessible via SfC's website and
  • Upon request, will be made available to our staff, prospective or approved carers, any child placed with a SfC carer and the parent of (and any person who has parental responsibility for) that child.

The above regulations also require independent fostering agencies to produce a 'children's guide' which includes:

  • A summary of the agency's statement of purpose
  • A summary of the 'representations and complaints' procedure
  • The postal and email address and the telephone number of the Chief Inspector (Ofsted)

Both the statement of purpose and the 'children's guide' are kept under annual review by the directors of SfC. The Chief Inspector (Ofsted) will be notified within 28 days of any amendments and a copy supplied to each approved carer as well as, (if s/he is of sufficient understanding) each child/young person in placement.

Children and young people's guides to foster care